I’ve been shooting since I was about 10. I discovered my love for photography through the genius invention of disposable cameras back in the ‘90s. I didn’t realize I wanted to make it my career until after college- remember blogs? I started shooting #ootd’s for my bestie’s blog and I became totally hooked.

Trained in the art of cinema, I shoot from a cinematic perspective with the intention to capture emotion and tell your story in a series of images.

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what to expect when you book a session

Chic woman poses next to pillar


I'll answer any questions you have. Together we'll decide on a location. You'll pick out clothes that you feel most comfortable in, show up, and do you! That's it! I'll take care of the rest :)

Mother laughs while hold her child up


I like to capture both candid and posed, so I may ask you to pose every now and then, but I will also allow you time to enjoy the environment. My goal is that you won't even notice I'm snapping photos.

Pregnant woman standing in a field of grasses


Proofs will be available within 48 hours for you to choose your favorites from. Favorites will be fully retouched and available within two weeks of the session via an online gallery in both printable and web sharing sizes.



“Jessie has been incredible to work with-
so talented, such an eye for directing & framing a shot in the most aesthetically pleasing way,
and very efficient and focused as well.”

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“No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”